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You just don’t have enough hours in the day to get things done….You were trying your best to do content marketing in-house, but…

The content plan has been collecting dust…

Your blog hasn’t been updated in…how many months?

Who’s there to write the case study and do the interviews?

Get your content marketing plan to life with no hassle.
Have your company blog running smoothly while you focus on bigger issues.
Work with a writer who’s invested in your business success.

Let’s get your content strategy working!

I work methodically and maintain open communication so there are no surprises. I’ll make sure the content is always written with the audience in mind.

Let me use my research and interviewing skills to give you well-researched content to establish your authority. 

My passion is making information accessible so you become the trusted provider of actionable advice for your audience. 

If you’re a SaaS company in fintech or HRTech niche, we’d be a great fit. 

Hello marketer!

I’m Kasun Pathirage. Here’s how you pronounce it 🙂

The first ad i wrote

That time when I got a shoutout from Floor Jasen for subtitling her song "The Fight Goes On"

I’ve always had a passion for tech and finance. They’re subjects I love learning about and I’m keeping up with the industry all the time.

I started Verba Auream as my brand for B2B content marketing writing services, especially for companies in fintech and SaaS. And I’ve had the pleasure to write for some top sites, like Neal Schaffer’s digital marketing blog.

In case you’re interested in how names come to be (like me),

Verba means words and Auream means gold or of gold, in Latin.

And, Kasun means gold as well (in Sinhala, which is spoken in Sri Lanka).


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