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Hey, you who handle all the content…

You already know you need quality content. But…

  • You and your team are focused on adding value to customers and growing your business. So everyone in-house is too busy to write.
  • You’ve created content, but it’s not getting you results.
  • You’ve got a content strategy and a plan, but need help to scale it.
  • You’re not looking for just someone who can write, but someone who understands the industry and can make the writing pay.

We should talk…
I’m Kasun Pathirage. I’m the face behind Verba Auream.

I’m a freelance B2B writer. I write blog posts and other long-form content for fintech and SaaS companies.

I put in the hours of research necessary, come up with awesome headlines, and keep readers glued with great content.

Let me help you.

What My Clients Say


I write expertly written, SEO-optimized blog posts that drive traffic.

I can also write compelling case studies, whitepapers, and e-books.

Let’s get your content marketing working.